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About Us·Yucheng zhaoyang Glass Bottle Co., Ltd.

The company is a service enterprise specializing in processing and selling all kinds of medium and high-grade glass bottles and caps in the field of wine glass packaging.

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Founded in 2011, Yuncheng Chaoyang Glass Bottle Co., Ltd.  is a service-oriented enterprise serving the field of wine glass packaging and supplying various types of medium and high-end glass bottles and caps.

Adheres to the business philosophy of "responsibility, integrity," and is committed to providing products and services in the field of wine packaging.

After five years of development, the company has become a comprehensive enterprise that can supply: process paper, high temperature roasted flowers, low temperature sprayed roasted flowers, frosting, electroplating and other process products.

The company provides a variety of products, which are roughly divided into:

1. Bottles: crystal white glass bottles, high white glass bottles, milk white glass bottles, printed glass bottles, sprayed baking vases, color spray glazed bottles, high-grade baked vases,  frosted bottles,  white wine bottles, wine bottles,  pickles bottles , Beverage bottles, fruit wine bottles, shaped bottles, hand-shaped bottles,  medium and high-grade wine bottles,  brandy bottles, champagne bottles,  olive oil bottles, medium and high-grade beer bottles and other bottle products, the main colors are:  white, green,  dark green, dry Yellow leaves,  olive green, brown, etc .;

2. Caps: Lu caps, high-medium and low-grade p lastic caps, oxidized Lu caps, crystal glass caps and other cap caps come in various colors.

All employees of Yuncheng Chaoyang Glass Bottle Co., Ltd. sincerely welcome new and old customers to visit us, and we will serve you faithfully as always.

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